Winter Program

Group U2 — U3

• 30 minutes per session
• Energetic games, encouraging participation of all children
• Development of motor skills (coordination, balance)
• Introduction to basic soccer techniques (dribbling, passing, shooting)
• Themes: Self-confidence, compassion, inclusion, playfulness

Group U4 — U5

• 45 minutes per session
• Creative and imaginative games with a focus on positive reinforcement and
overall motor skills
• Basic techniques: dribbling, changing direction, dodging, shooting on goal in mini-matches
• Themes: courage, discipline, determination, strength, respect, honesty

Group U6 to U8

• 1 hour per session
• Developing the quality of players on
• 4 axes (physical-technical-psychological-emotional)
• Promoting sports values
• Recognition of effort and perseverance
• Focus on well-being rather than know-how

Every Sunday Morning • February 13 to April 3, 2022

Field: École internationale du village (Aylmer)

19 Symmes Rd, Gatineau, QC, J9H 3J3

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