Day Camps

Our Mission

Provide a fun, safe and stimulating environment for children aged 5–14 to participate in a variety of physical and educational activities, guided by our certified coaches.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to use the sports values such as respect, discipline, inclusion, and determination to help children develop their personality through playful activities.

Our Activities

• Group sports (soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, etc.)
• Active games (tag, relay race, etc.)
• Circuit workouts supervised by our educators
• Swimming (free swim or organized games)
• Organized visits

Our Workshops

• Promotion of French
• Healthy eating habits
• Art and crafts (based on the theme of the week)

Age Groups

During the SoccerMidable camp, children are divided by age group and each group is supervised by two facilitators (18+) and one facilitator assistant (15+)*.

• Group 1: 5 and 6 years old
• Group 2: 7 and 8 years old
• Group 3: 9 to 11 years old
• Group 4: 12 to 14 years old


• Regular price: $187.25
• The week of June 28 to July 2: $149.80 (July 1 being a statutory holiday).
• Optional fee of $10 for a camp t-shirt

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