About Us

Located in the Aylmer sector, SoccerMidable offers interactive and fun programs for children aged 2 to 8 from Gatineau, Ottawa and the surrounding area. Our mission is to introduce children to playing soccer at an early age, allowing them to have fun while having a positive impact on their health. This program was founded by Marc Cyrille Kamdem, who is a dad of two adorable children, an entrepreneur and certified soccer coach.

Our Goals

Soccer isn’t just about hitting a ball, it’s about having fun with friends and family, but it’s also about strengthening values like respect, honesty, perseverance and discipline that are necessary for children’s development.

This program fills a gap in soccer programs for children under the age of 8. It gives them a taste for physical activity from an early age. That’s why our programs focus on establishments such as daycare centres and we also hold sessions throughout the year.

Childhood obesity and cardiovascular disease are public health concerns. The goal of SoccerMidable is to develop children’s taste for sport from an early age and enable them to develop healthy lifestyles. To do this, SoccerMidable aims to develop nationally, to work with certified coaches, and to surround itself with experts in the field of education and child development.

Marc Cyrille Kamdem

Coach Marc holds a B licence in coaching from the Canadian Soccer Federation. In addition to his past experience as a professional player, he has extensive experience coaching youth at all levels of development, which has made him well known in the local soccer community.

Coach Marc is the father of two children, a little girl and a little boy. He is very aware of the impact that a coach can have on the lives of his athletes and is very happy to have contributed to the development of many talents, but especially to the development of good citizens.

Coach Marc is also a strong advocate for equal opportunities in sport and devotes much of his free time to the promotion of sport as a factor in socio-economic development in developing countries.