Kid’s Soccer in Gatineau

In a fun and safe environment, your young children will be able to thrive by engaging in enjoyable and informative activities.

We focus on developing the child’s personality by using sports values through interactive soccer activities.

Located in Aylmer, we offer a variety of year-round programs for children aged 2 to 8 from Gatineau, Ottawa and the surrounding area. The programs offered by SoccerMidable are diversified and adapted to the children’s physical and cognitive development stages by age categories: toddlers (2 to 3 years), juniors (4 to 5 years) and champions (6 to 8 years).

Discover our programs

You are the owner/manager of a daycare or early childhood centre with infrastructure to offer soccer sessions to children enrolled in your institution? This program will suit you.
Provide a fun, safe and stimulating environment for children aged 5–14 to participate in a variety of physical and educational activities, guided by our certified coaches.

Our unique and fun approach allows children to develop physically, emotionally and mentally through soccer. Contact us for more information.